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P4K ZTE console USB landline skype phone x-lite UC phone set

P4K ZTE console USB landline skype phone x-lite UC phone set


USB Internet phone is using the connection of the computer via USB interface and software like Skype and other types software to call any other computer online and mobile, fixed telephone, PC-to-PC and PC-Phone call a new generation of communications products.


Compared with the ordinary phone, USB Internet phone does not need to use the traditional telephone lines, but through the Internet to make calls. In any part of the network world, as long as you have a USB Internet phone can be at any time and your family, friends and customers to maintain connectivity.

Product features
1. High quality hands-free
2. Easy to install, user-friendly, easy to operate
3. Follow the USB1.1 and 2.0 specifications, no sound card needed, no additional power supply
4. Blue LCD screen and LED display
5.VoIP caller ID function
6. Can store 199 calls and 199 outgoing numbers, support the search callback
7. Support from Skype friends and call records in the direct call out
8. Support from the USB phone and Skype interface cross operation
System Requirements
1.Win 7, Windows 2000 or XP or more
2.400MHz processor, compatible with USB1.0 and USB2.0 interface
3.128MB or more memory and more than 15MB of space
4. Broadband connection or dial-up Internet access rate of 33.6K or more
5. Support all versions of Skype, support uucall qqvoice, Ali and other multi-platform software


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